To implement the full range of services in engineering in LLC "GaliO" dynamic line design whose main purpose is to develop technical solutions and design estimates taking into account the individual needs of each customer in accordance with the applicable building codes and regulations.

Key areas of activity:

1.Design work:

-Design of gas supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security and maintenance of the microclimate, including the "clean room";

- Design of external and internal-building utilities hot and cold water supply, sanitation in public, industrial and residential buildings;

- Design of boilers, central heating units (CTP), individual heat substations (IHS), water pumping stations (VNS), sewage pumping stations (DPS);

- Designing units for heat.

2. Development and implementation of systems that use non-traditional (alternative) energy sources:

- Solar collectors;

 - Boiler for solid fuels (wood, pellets, coal, etc..)

- Use of wind generators of different power and other equipment for alternative energy sources;

- Heat pumps;

 - Utilization of waste biomass by anaerobic fermentation (biogas technology);

- Use of oven-heat,  which recycle waste (waste wood, plastic, rubber, etc.).

3.Energetic audit:

- The formation of complex expert advice on production efficiency and the use of thermal energy;

- Energy survey companies to identify the causes of excessive energy consumption; which recycled waste (waste wood, pla- Developing self-sustainable investment plan saving work in the enterprise.

- Drafting a comprehensive re-power company to remove the causes of excessive energy consumption;

- Developing self-sustainable investment plan saving work in the enterprise

- Determination of technical condition of equipment on the possibility of its further operation (conducting surveys, development of test programs, etc.)..

Contact person - chief engineer of the project

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Developed project estimates:

- Construction engineering services for private pavilions "Fish" and "Vegetables" agricultural market "Shuvar" in Lviv;



-  sewage  Sichova Street, Poludneva in Lviv;



- Overhaul of fuel system and the heat of foreign language literature library center of Lviv National Library of Ukraine at st. Lychakivska, 131;


- Repair of heat-supply of retrospective acquisition and Stefanik exchange-reserve assets LNNB  at st. Aviacijna, 1;

- Establishment of units for heat (over 400 units).


- And the projects of reconstruction and repair of water supply, sewerage, heating, boiler fuel and so on.

to be continued ...