Construction and building district is working on construction and reconstruction of buildings, internal and external engineering networks and installation of heating and process equipment heating units and boilers.

 Highly skilled workers with the state standards of quality and safety do their job well.The modern technology, innovative research and design solutions, professional equipment and tools are used there.

Constant market analysis, science and technology and cooperation with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers can take advantage of their work quality, certified materials, improved manufacturing processes.

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- Construction engineering services for private pavilions "Fish" and "Vegetables" agricultural market "Shuvar" inLviv;


- Overhaul of fuel system and the heat of foreign language literature library center of Lviv National Library of Ukraine at st.Lychakivska, 131;


-Repair of heat-supply of retrospective acquisition and Stefanik exchange-reserve assets LNNB  at st. Aviacijna, 1;


- Installation of heating system at the Lviv National Museum named after Andrey Sheptytsky;


- Installation Engineering in house number 85B on the st.Stryiska inLviv;


- Reconstruction and replacement of boiler pump stations in TSC number 17, 18, 19 in Lviv;


- Installation of metering heat (over 400 units) and more.


to be continued ...